ALL IBAC BASEBALL players in our program will have a chance to be picked to play on one of our NATIONAL TEAMS, this program is your starting block to play with a nationally recognized program and to start getting noticed to be recruited for college by the ones that are the decision makers in college baseball. Our programs play at the events that the college coaches and recruiters attend. This is also a great opportunity for you to see where you stand on the national level of talent, not just the local level. College coaches are looking for the players that play in the national arena events, the players that have the tools and skill to compete away from the local high school competition. These are the players that are in the top 10% of high school players and are the ones that they will be recruiting for their college programs. ? Are you one of these players’s? As an IBAC player you will get more truthful and useful information about college recruiting than any other program around. IBAC Baseball is the only program around that has an academic program with SAT/ACT training and college placement help with everything from FASA forms to filling applications to the colleges you want to get into. We believe that player development in your high school time frame is the key to getting recruited in college. You have to get better from age 14 to 18 or it will pass you by. So if playing college baseball is you goal or dream than IBAC Baseball is the program for you.

13u-16u TEAMS: Deposit of $595 and you can pick what package of events you want to fit your summer needs. They start from $185 a month for 5 payments.

17u-18u TEAMS: Deposit of $625 and you can pick what package of events you want to fit your summer needs. They start from $ 225 a month for 5 payments.

Work Outs Only: 16u-18u start JUNE 11 through AUGUST 7 Tues. and Wed. for 2 hours each day.   They are a cost of $595. That is over 72 hours of work outs at a cost of less than $9 an hour.

Work Outs ONLY: 13u-15u Spring-ONLY start MARCH 10 Sun. for 2 hours each. They are a cost of $450. That is over 56 hours of work outs at a cost of less than $9 an hour. 

Please contact – Gary Powers; cell- 530-320-5753 office- 530-823-7775 to get more information about IBAC Baseball and our academy and events. You can go to our web site www.ibacbaseball.com  and fill out the player profile to start the process and see the 2013 summer schedule of events.

All College Recruiting Programs above Package #1 are at an extra cost please see information on them.
NOTE: IBAC policy NO REFUNDS on any event/program for any reason unless approved by IBAC BASEBALL 15 days in advance of any event or work out and NO REFUNDS on College Recruiting Programs after you start.


SUMMER IBAC PLAYERS may be picked for one of our National Teams.        
Contact Gary Powers: cell  530-320-5753     office   530-823-7775

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