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West Coast Championship Baseball / IBAC Baseball 2013 TOURNAMENTS

2013 All Ages Schedule

Date Event Team Location
March – 1 / June 30  Babe Ruth League [Appx. 29 ea. TBA] 13u/14-15u   Sacramento CA.
MAY – 14/JUNE 30 League Games   [Appx.   18ea. TBA] 16&u/18&u Sac/Elk Grove, CA
MAY-14/15  Gold Sox Invitational [invite only]    16&u [Inv] Marysville CA.
MAY 19/20   4rd Annual Marysville Gold Sox Spring Invite  14U [Inv] Marysville, CA
MAY- 27/30 Memorial Day Reno Knights 18&u Reno NV.
MAY 31 / JUNE 3 Four Corners Classic  14u/16u/18u  Peoria  AZ.
JUNE – 8/9 All World NIT 16u/18u Carson City, NV.
JUNE – 13/16 Point Loma College [Inv] 16u/18u San Diego, CA.
JUNE – 14/18 Prospect Wire Inv. 14u/16u/18u Mesa, AZ.
JUNE – 14/17 Zoots Nor-Cal wood bat [Invite only] 18u & u [Inv] Northern CA.
JUNE – 16/17   All World NIT 16u/18u   Northern CA.
JUNE – 20/24 Nor-Cal  NIT  18&u Northern CA.
JUNE – 22/23   All World 16u/18u  Northern CA.
JULY – 3  USABF 14u/16u18u   San Diego, CA.
JULY - 5/7 Wally Kincaid Invitational [invite only] 16&u/18&u       Los Angeles CA.
JULY – 7/11 WOOD BAT CHAMP. DELTA 18&u Northern CA.
JULY - 8 Local Games 18u/16u   Northern CA.
JULY – 11/14 Summer Classic 18&u Peoria  AZ.
JULY – 18/21 Summer Classic 16u Peoria  AZ.
JULY – 24/AUG 2  Summer Series [invite only] 18&u  San Diego CA.
JULY – 27/28 All World    14u/16u  Northern CA.
AUG. – 10/11  All World 14u/16u/18u Northern CA.
AUG. – 17/18 Local Games 14u/16u/18u Northern CA.
AUG. – 31/Sept 2 All World 14u/16u/18u Northern CA.
SEPT. 7/8 Local Games 14u/16u/18u Northern CA.
OCT. 3-6 AZ. Inv. & 16u Championships 18u/16u Peoria  AZ.
OCT.  10 - 13 AZ. SR. Fall Classic & Academic Games  [invite only] SR’s only Peoria  AZ.
OCT.  17 - 20  AZ. JR. Fall Classic    [invite only]    JR’s only Peoria  AZ.
OCT.  25 – 28 AZ. Soph./Fresh.     [invite only] Soph./Fresh. only Peoria  AZ.

NOTE:  Events will be added and games as well for 14&u / 16&u / 18&u  Teams.  [TBA]

WORK OUTS Start on June 12 and are every Tuesday / Wed. 2hrs.ea. through August 2

Team workouts/Player development      14u/16u/18u Teams.                 Sacramento CA.  


IBAC and WEST COAST CHAMPIONSHIP SPORTS are the only programs in the Sacramento area that is invited to the Arizona Senior Fall Classic THE LARGEST WEST COAST SHOWCASE FOR HIGH SCHOOL BASEBALL PLAYERS for the year. Go to www.azfallclassic.com for more info on this Premier College Recruiting Event.

NOTE:  National Team Events are an EXTRA cost.

All scheduled games played in the Northern California area with our academy program will be posted on the teams page for each team, please see this page for the info needed.

NOTE: All tournament fees must be paid 30 days in advance to have a roster spot for that event.

NOTE: All academy fees and payments must be kept current at all times or you will not play in any event that is scheduled for your team.

WCCS or IBAC fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE, NO REFUNDS or store credit will be issued should a player cancel at any time before any event

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