IBAC Baseball Individual Training

IBAC BASEBALL has the right program for your skill level. If you are under age 15 and a youth player our academy approach is proven to be the best way to develop your talent and skills. If your goal is to play varsity high school baseball then IBAC is the right program for you. We are committed to helping you reach that goal with confidence in yourself. We play against the top talent from northern California and across the country in some of the most prestigious tournaments there are to offer in youth travel baseball. IBAC has the right formula in training the complete youth baseball player. That means there will be no holes in your game. Your fielding, throwing, and hitting skills will develop at a pace that you can see results. We offer individual and group lessons with proven methods and drills that get you to the next level.

For high school athletes IBAC offers you, the player some of the best opportunities in our summer and fall programs. With our academy approach of training you develop your game and gain confidence in your ability to perform during pressured situations. Our experience in the national tournament and showcase arena gets you to the highest exposure level that lets you be seen by the most college and professional scouts. Our individual training program and private lessons that are proven to get results is available to all of our players. With our approach in the way we breakdown the instruction a player can increase their ability rapidly. Our coaches do not take the “cookie cutter” approach to training that so many others do. We will take your strengths and weaknesses and develop a game plan for improvement that gets results. With IBAC we make the adjustments that will give you the advantage over the competition.

Enrolling in our programs will elevate your skills and get you the experience you will need to better prepare you for college baseball.
Remember being prepared is your responsibility. All college coaches expect you to be prepared to play at the next level.

Fill out and submit the Player Profile Sheet and we will get you started in the IBAC program that is right for you.

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