IBAC Evaluation Camps

IBAC baseball is the only Northern California academy that offers you, the player, a true pro style evaluation. Our evaluation camps are open to all high school players and are designed to let you showcase your talents and skills to our coaches and staff. We go over the results with you, which gives you an on field assessment of your talent and skills that day. IBAC can then create a real prescription for success with one of the player development programs we offer.

You also receive the opportunity to be invited to tryout for one of our regular or tournament teams in the IBAC baseball program. Our experience in top-level tournaments which are held across the nation can give you a report card approach to your standing at the national level. Questions such as "Am I good enough to play at the college level?", "Am I projected to be a division one or a division two player, or is the JC level the way to go for me?" The answers to these questions are difficult to make on your own and can set you back on your journey to the next level if they are not addressed correctly. Remember, it is your baseball career, and it is your responsibility to take charge of it and put yourself on the right path to success. Let IBAC baseball show you the way to the next level of baseball and get you the exposure to the college coaches and scouts that can make the opportunities for your career continue.

Fill out and submit the Player Profile Sheet and we will get you started in the IBAC program that is right for you.

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