Fall Classic

At the 2011 Arizona Fall Classic event in October IBAC Baseball had 24 players at the event, 8 were in the Academic Showcase and 2 made the All Academic Team. From all of the 24 players at the event 11 have committed to schools and programs and will be playing college baseball in 2013 and 8 others are still in the recruiting trenches with coaches and schools in the final stages of the recruiting process.

 By the way at the Academic tryout there were over 100 college coaches looking and evaluating all the players because they know that they can get in the school and that is half of their concerns in the recruiting process, so take some advice from us the best and only thing you can control in all of your baseball is your GPA and SAT, ACT results and that is the one thing that makes the coaches job much easier for him so DO THE WORK AND YOU WILL GET THE RESULTS YOU WANT!
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IBAC Baseball Video
Check out the video of IBAC Baseball playing at the largest invite only (over 64 teams playing) College Recruiting  event on the west coast The AZ Fall Classic. IBAC Baseball has played in this event from the begging 12 years ago and has had many of our players get recruited from it by schools from all over the country. This is the one event that all the college coaches have on their recruiting schedule to attend. If you are not there than you are hurting your chances to get seen and recruited by colleges in all divisions D-1 thru D-3 and NAIA coaches use this event as their number one tool for looking at and evaluating high school baseball players that they will recruit
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       IS IBAC right for you?...

If you are looking to play COLLEGE BASEBALL and play against the best teams and players in the country while you are still in high school, Than IBAC BASEBALL is for you. With our Strategic Partners we are the Premier program in Northern California that can get you the Academic and Athletic Exposure and have the National  Experience in the COLLEGE Recruiting Arena that gets RESULTS. You do not have to be a “Blue Chip” player to achieve your DREAM of playing COLLEGE Baseball, you just have to know HOW, Because this small word HOW is the most important part of all of this. Just fill out the player profile and the BLUE PRINT for your SUCCESS will start with IBAC BASEBALL.


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